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This page was created for the Poser Texturemakers Yahoo Group.
Updated on 11/4/12 by Diane Salter.

Lenore by Antfarm
My Latest Favorite Character!
Toon Goth
Eyes changed a little

Hair is by Aziqo, for Anko

V5 Render Test
Using DSON to Poser tool from DAZ
ReDL's V5 and installed in library
Update now allows me to change textures without the Materials library freezing

Shown here with original tx (top) & Lana tx (mid) & Kanami (bottom)
Lighting by Corvas (top & bottom), IBL brights (mid); Hair is Brooke

Jan19's Chanelle Gown, gown creation by Jan
White gown tx by Jan, Cloak tx by Wayii
middle tx made using parrotdolphin's tx pack
Sandra Hair by Mareek

Red and brown tx are mix and match of Jan's tx
wristlet's are by Aery Soul

Love this new free hair by Dyald. Beautiful!

Wishing you all and Happy Valentineís Day!

Worked on an Asian character morph and
was pretty happy with how she turned out.
Skin is Naime, hair is WASG.
Character and hair morphs are by me.

Love this free outfit from KaribousBoutique (Thanks!)
I worked on some textures for it, after remapping it.
You can pick up the textures on my freebie page here.

Kyle the Elf, M4 morph from Lillyanna-Windmane (Thank U!) M4, tx is Jayden.
Hair is Koz Messy, with efindelís hair morphs (wonderful!) on left.
Couldnít resist trying out the Juni hair on right. Hair prop is from Thorneworks.
Earcuffs by ButterflyFish & Kirsute.

This is a gorgeous freebie tx set for West Wild
by Erika in the Texturemakers group (Thank U!)
Figure is V4, Hair is Destiny Curls.

This is a Very nice complete outfit for M3 by Eronezumi.
Includes tshirt, pants & shoes. (Awesome, Thanks!)
Sorry I didnít texture it, but wanted to do a quick render.

Surfer Dude hairstyle morphs. Using WASG hair.
Figure is M3 + my morph, Boyd texture.
Surfboard & tx, freebie from Rumble, Thank U!!!
To download the hairstyle morph, click here.

Sara Elite and Marie, both characters from Adam Thwaites, Gorgeous, thank you!
Testing out the Elite textures.

Mermaid Inn, Building 1, Very cool freebie from Skipper, Thank you!
Image on the right is rendered with no displacement, IBL/AO. BG is a freebie, but I canít remember who posted it
Image on the left rendered w/displacement & bump map tweaked up; in DAZ Environment.

Felicity Hair.
Beautiful free hairstyle from Oro_snake & English Bob.
Wow! All I can say is Thank you!

Using the Ranger set, and some of the High Elf tx from WarMachine (beautiful, thank you!)
Also shield is freebie by Silo from RDNA.
AND gorgeous long hair morphs from fivecat (love these!)

Using the Arcadia set by Folkvangar.
Character is Aiko3, the rest is photoshop.
Awesome background is a freebie from Nike.

Fuzzy Wuzzy, wearing Pookie Bearís waistcoat & jacket.
I think heís great!!! Thank you Bog!

Mix and Match! This reminds me so much of playing with paperdolls.
Choholeís beautiful combination of Earane & MFD,
combined with Arienís fabulous Djinni textures.
Both are Master Texture Artists!

Love the new Aiko 4! Too cute for words!
Basic Aiko 4 with some dial twisting. Iíve named her Twink.
Hair is Vanilla. Headband is freebie from Maria.

New character from DAZís latest sale.
Lilith Fae, by Rebelmommy, gorgeous!

This is a great freebie outfit from Parrotdolphin.
Includes some very nice tx too! Thank you!
My new V4 character, Delfine.
Gold prop is from Edera.

New favorite face morph, Jade for S3 from Kimber89,
Thank you, sheís beautiful!
Sylfie tx and Vanilla hair (left),
Vega tx and Curly hair (rt).


Made a conforming skirt for Sadie
My new favorite toon character
(Thanks 3D Universe!)

Top is bathing suit textured by me.

Did an older morph of the Liam character (below).
Yasuo tx, Toyo hair.

Stratus, and Seillean de.
Using Wardrobe Wizard to fit to Hiro. (Thanks PhilC!)
Wings by Thorne.


Worked on some brocade textures with my cousin.
For Batlab's Leotard


Keiko Fae.Aiko with Keiko morphs.
Background by Tvera. Dress by Sione. (Thanks to you both!)
Wand and Wings by Thorne. Hair by Koz.



First attempt at hair painting

(more like hair pulling)

I was inspired by Sadeís tutorial on Rísity.



Goth Alice.

Sylfie, Babydoll Hair.

Alice Outfit from ISOP.





Faerie Dreams Dress.
Aiko, plus Keiko morph and Sapphire Dreams Hair.
Cool freebie from Faerie Dreams. It even includes these delicate lace textures!
Thanks so much Sheila for telling us about this!




Icarus (my version).
Hiro plus Cuffed Tail.
Background Cloud City from Bryce.
I never liked the story of Icarus, I always thought it was a cautionary tale.
I decided that I wanted to rewrite it, and so here's my beginning attempts
at creating his character.




Challenge 6, Sci-fi theme, Part 3.
Aiko + Sylfie. Hiro Hair.
Background freebie by Stonemason.
Colander head piece, and mesh skirt by me. Body map clothing texture by me.
Colander head piece can be downloaded here.
This was my tribute to Metalika (from Renderosity), a robot/human hybrid.

Mine is called Elf-bot and she's an elf/robot hybrid.





Challenge 6, Sci-fi theme, Part 1.
Tpol, using MFD as Star Trek uniform
Tpol character and Star Trek uniform are freebies from Renderosity.
Background is Cargo Bay Doors.
Background is freebie from Stonemason at DAZ.




A redo of the Temple Room on Renderosity
I wanted to mute the background because it was competing with the
main focus of the picture, so I dimmed the corners.
You can compare it to the original, which is here
Renderosity Post



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