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(updated 11/3/10)


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Sample render using Andolaurina's Taylor.
Downloadable Now! Click Here.

Textures for Galadriel Dress, Click here to Download.
I Finally got this done, it took me forever

to get finished, and I have no idea why??
Includes belt fitted for TY2, V4 & A3, and a light set.
This uses the Poser shader nodes to work. (P6 and up)

You need Andolaurina’s dress found here.

Hair Morphs (Uploaded):

Refit for Sandra Hair. Download here.

Includes 3 colors. File is 4M.

Should work in Poser 5 and up, tested in Poser 7 only.

Mat files for Sweet Hair. Download here.

Includes 6 colors. File is 143K.

Should work in Poser 5 and up, tested in Poser 7 only.


Fluffy Hairstyles for V3 & V4. Download here.

Includes 7 styles and 5 separate bangs morphs. File is 173K.

Should work in Poser 4 and up, tested in Poser 7 only.


Renella Hair 9 Morphs, plus a flatten top morph

that can be combined with any of the included styles.

Download here.



Jamie Hairstyles for M3 & M4. Download here.

Includes 10 styles and 2 resets. File is 184K.

Should work in Poser 4 and up, tested in Poser 7 only.



Wasg Surfer Dude Hairstyles (now also available for P5)

Includes 6 styles + 2 resets. File is 16.5M.
For Poser 6 & 7 only, uses pmd file: Download P6/P7 version here.

For Poser 5, uses obj morph target file: Download P5 version here.
To see it used in a render, click here.


Wasg Hairstyles. Download here.

Includes 8 styles + 1 reset.


Namihei Hair zip file by Kozaburo

(Texture is original with lightness set to 40.)

Some people in the DAZ forums asked about this zip.

Download here.


Felicity Hair Morphs (bangs). Download here.

Includes 9 styles, 7 morphs & 2 resets.

Please, read the Readme file.


I didn’t know where to post these, so I’ve put them here.


Felicity Hair settings for Poser 5 (Material Room & Render settings)
If you click on the pictures, you can view the jpg full size.

I did play around with turning on/off: cast shadows, remove backface polys,

smooth polys & Gaussian vs box; but none of those changes alone removed
the “patchwork” texture from the hair.  The only one that seemed to work
in P5 was the displacement setting recommended by Whazizname in the forum.





Character Links:

For Faeriewylde 09 Solstice:

Tiny Mouse Morph for House Mouse

Tiny Mouse Download Here.


This is an addon to an adorable character created by Von (winter200), to adjust
the “glitteriness” of the rose texture. This was an idea proposed by Elliandra,
who created the specular & ambient maps for this in DAZ/Studio.
I adapted it for use in Poser. Original DAZ thread is
Mat pz2 files can be
Downloaded Here for easy application within Poser. 
An explanation on how to adjust the “glitter factor” using the Material Room is
included in the Readme folder.


Clothing Links:

For Faeriewylde 09 Solstice:

3 textures for Tink Dress and Universal Trans Map.

Tink Dress Download Here.



Morphing Cocktail Dress – Tutu morph



Textures for Maddie’s Skating Dress and for Maddie’s Indian Dress



Textures for Mada’s Nymph Dress by AnnaXLA1



Textures (African) for V3 Long Dress by Ithildien



Fairiewylde Xmas 2006 Outfit for Aiko



Original free outfit by KaribousBoutique, remapped: Download here.

Two missing obj files: Download here.

Please download Both zips.

Remapped version includes templates & 2 sets of textures.

Should work in Poser 5 and up. File is 4M.


Windwalker for Jan19 ; Download here.

Created with Systeme Fabrique

Textures: Dark Suede, Lit Suede, Beads & Plain

You need Jan’s Windwalker dress found here.


Poser Props Links:

Colander Helmet for Aiko



Goth Hearse created by Zoltar

Imported as Poser Prop

2 versions: textured & untextured

Download Hearse (1Meg zip)


If you are interested in how to:

Import a Bryce object into Poser,

Here’s a text file for it.



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